ATypI 2017 Montréal: Atypique

ATypI welcomes you to its sixty-first annual conference!

Join the global typographic community in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, September 12–16, 2017. ATypI is celebrating sixty years of typographic education and camaraderie this year. As an organization founded by Charles Peignot of the famed Deberny & Peignot foundry in Paris, it's fitting that we commemorate this milestone in a grand French-speaking cultural centre.











The theme of ATypI’s 2017 conference is Atypique. Montréal is known for many things: for its blend of new and old; for its bilingualism and pluralistic society. Montréal is a city of dualities: East Side and West Side, English- and French-speaking, the old city and the new, European sophistication and American casual. It's a laid-back city enjoying the benefits of a low-inequality society. It is an atypical city compared to the rest of Canada and the United States.

In a broader context, Atypique means something more daring; something that doesn't quite follow convention; something a little bit rebellious and edgy. Atypique holds a mirror to history and understands tradition, but dares to be different.

In typographical terms, Atypique hints at all things—products, practices, processes, people—escaping the rules or bending paradigms. Atypique evokes, to paraphrase Alan Fletcher, looking sideways at all facets of contemporary types and typography: from technology to aesthetics, from economics to politics, from Latin to the world writing systems, from hand lettering to screen legibility, and from education to the very notion of authorship.

The call for presentations for ATypI 2017 is now closed.

Reviews and scheduling are in progress. We will notify selected speakers by the end of May.



To submit a presentation proposal for ATypI 2017, log in to your existing account or create an account here. If you had an ATypI account last year on Dryfta, you may need to change your password before you are able to log in. Your registered email address serves as your user name. Return visitors, please make sure you use the same email address that you registered previously.

Please fill out or update your profile information. You will be asked to upload a high-resolution print-quality photo and 100-word bio on your profile. This is mandatory for anyone submitting a proposal. If you do not plan to submit a proposal, you may disregard this request. 

After you log in to your existing account or create a new user account, please submit your presentation proposal by visiting your profile dashboard. After logging in, go to your profile, and click on the "My Abstracts" link in the lefthand menu. On the next page, click the green "Submit Abstract" button and complete the submission form. You will be asked to upload a high-resolution print-quality photo, as well as other material related to your proposal.



ATypI 2017 will take place in a variety of stunning venues in Montréal.


  • Tuesday, 12 September: Pre-conference optional workshops and associated events. Venues to be announced.
  • Wednesday–Saturday, 13–16 September: The general session will take place at the Université du Québec à Montréal.






September 12, 2017
September 16, 2017

Venue location

200 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Quebec, Canada